Springfield YMCA :: Springfield, IL

How Do I Get Financial Assistance?

Everyone is welcome at the Y. If you are struggling financially we will do what we can to help with membership and program fees. Please let us know so we can provide a confidential in-come review to determine your level of eligibility

Step 1:
Stop by the YMCA for a tour of the facility and pick up a scholarship application.

Step 2:
Complete the application, gather documentation, make photocopies and return it to the YMCA with a $10 application fee.

Step 3:
The application will be reviewed within 7-10 business days. Your documentation will be destroyed after processing.

Step 4:
A YMCA staff member will contact you with the results of your application.

Step 5:
Pay fees at the YMCA to start your membership.

Step 6:
Financial assistance expires annually. Repeat step 2 to renew your membership rate. YMCA users will be notified when renewal date is close. A renewal notice will not be mailed to the home.