Springfield YMCA :: Springfield, IL

How Do I Qualify For Financial Assistance?

Everyone is welcome at the Y. Individuals and families may apply for financial assistance for membership and program fees. We use a step-by-step process to determine your level of eligibility.

Step 1:
Stop by either Y facility for a tour and to obtain a scholarship application.

Step 2:
Complete the application, gather the required documentation, make photocopies (the Y may not accept originals) and return all documentation to the Y with a $10 application fee.

Step 3:
The application will be reviewed within 3-5 business days. Your documentation will be destroyed after processing.

Step 4:
A Y staff member will contact you regarding your application.

Step 5:
If eligible, membership fees are paid to begin your membership.

Step 6:
Financial assistance expires annually. Repeat step 2 to renew your membership. Every effort is made to notified member when renewal date is close. A renewal notice will not be mailed. Please ensure the Y has accurate membership information.